Acrylic Paintings (seascapes, landscapes and abstract forms). This series began to take form in the summer of 2002, following the sudden death of my father, which influenced my artistic style towards greater simplicity and bolder use of colour.  Mainly abstract, some pieces are based on Cornish sea or landscapes, fabulous firework displays, true explosions of colour.  The use of acrylic brings immediacy and a variety of textures - the layered paint can be scratched into, revealing a myriad of colours underneath, and giving a sense of spontaneity and the unexpected. The technique of sgraffito - using a sharp tool to inscribe patterns into a surface - goes back to the Stone Age. These sgraffitoed lines create a great surface texture and add dimension to an area of colour.

The Hawaiian Triptych is based on my recent trip to Hawaii, where I swam with dolphins and went whale watching. The beauty of the island, the hula dancers, marine life and active volcanoes all inspired these pieces. They are intended to be viewed as one set of work rather than individually.  I have used water based inks  on canvas to create a soft, watery effect. To purchase any of these artworks please click here.