I first became interested in icons years ago when visiting a wonderful exhibition of Russian icons held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The word icon is derived from the Greek word for image (eikon). I love the sacredness of the images and the rich use of colour and design of the works of art. The icon lies on the border between the material and the immaterial, between the visible and the invisible.

In addition to working on photographic images which I have embellished with all kinds of papers and paint, I then translated this idea into images of my own, beginning the Tranquility series of collages and hand made cards. The Tranquility and Mirror pieces are like a series of windows onto the soul, with a strong use of the cross.  It is reinforced by the label of Tranquility, which has a strong significance for me. Recycled wrappers, card, sequins, paper, stamps and foils were used and often provided from different sources. My aim here is to create artworks of beauty out of the ordinary and mundane materials that most people would throw away.

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